A story of poor construction

Posted on Oct 4, 2017 in Real Estate Litigation

I own a new house. It’s my first house, and I’ve bought it brand new. You would think this was something to really celebrate, but I have to tell you, recent events have turned this crucial moment of adulthood into a real nightmare.

It all started with a loud bang. I heard that about a week after I finally moved into my house. When I went downstairs, I found some of the air ducts had fallen through the ceiling and landed on the floor. The mess was actually the least of my problems. When I called the next day to complain to the construction company, that’s when my trouble really began.

First, they wouldn’t return my calls. Every time I called, I was told the boss was away and would call me back within a day. That went on for a week. By then, I was worried the whole house would fall down. I contacted an appraiser from another company, and he told me much of the construction was quite shoddy. The walls were weak, the ceiling wasn’t holding up well, and there was a leak somewhere and some early signs of water damage. The whole house was crumbling. Still no word from the construction company.

When I finally got hold of someone in authority and complained (quite loudly and angrily of course), I was reprimanded over the phone and told the issues weren’t their problem. Every house they built was built with integrity, and I must have destroyed my own home somehow. When I mentioned how unlikely it was I could destroy my home in two weeks, he hung up.

Again, being offended by these people was the least of my trouble. I now have a mortgage, and I also had massive bills coming my way to repair my house top to bottom if I couldn’t get these people to come out and do it.

Finally, I got desperate and contacted some lawyers about the whole situation. With a bit of advice, I called back and threatened a lawsuit. I dropped the lawyer’s name. This finally got some results. Now, the construction guys are set to come out again tomorrow. Hopefully, they fix the home top to bottom, but I have it in the back of my mind, I may actually need to sue anyway. I just don’t know if I can trust the house’s structure if you know what I mean. I’d hate to live here two years and have the floor fall through.

I love this house. I had a small hand in designing it. But right now, I think it may be best to walk away from it if I can. I’m going back to see that lawyer to discuss my options.

My great moment has already been ruined, and I’m looking to go back to renting as soon as I can. What a tragedy.

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